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Terms Of Use

The website "www.shapeking.com" (hereinafter "shapeking") is a platform to publish and download 3D models for the creation of three-dimensional objects (3D printing).

Please read this user agreement carefully! By using the online service shapeking, you agree to the Terms of Use.


Brief details for the publication of 3D models:

» You stay the owner of your 3D model
» You charter shapeking the permission to publish
» You determine how your 3D model may be used


1. Scope of Services

At the website "shapeking.com" shapeking provides a platform for the publication and for the reference of 3D models, and it offers information for the printing of 3D models (content). The presented content at shapeking is exclusively provided by users. shapeking is therefore not the provider of the 3D models, it only provides the access to the reference of the 3D models. The publication of the content by the user takes place without payment by shapeking or other users. The reference of content is free. You agree that shapeking temporarily disrupt or adjust services for the reason of maintenance and repair.


2. Download of Content

By downloading the user-provided content, you agree to the contents of the specified license terms of users. You are responsible for the usage of the content. Through any problems or failures which incur through the user-provided content, shapeking assumes no liability. You may download content only for the actual purpose of the offer. Content may not be copied, used commercially or other than specified, licensed and re-offered for download.


3. Publish Content

3.1 Registration / Account Opening

In order to publish content at shapeking you must register in advance. You agree that all information provided when registering, and subsequently confirmed in your profile is accurate. This applies particularly to the disclosure of your name and email address. By registering, you are entitled to upload content to shapeking and to use the comment function. You can delete your account at any time without giving reasons. It is not permitted to open multiple accounts for one person.

3.2 Responsibility

You are obliged to keep your account access (username and password) to private and will not give it to others. You agree to be solely responsible for the content of your account. If your access to your account is lost or if the data has been made available for third party, you are required to reset your password immediately or contact Shapeking.This also applies when a third party receives access to your email account.

3.3 Publish Content

By posting any content, including digital 3D models, you can guarantee that they are free of third party rights (including copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, patents, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights). It is not allowed to reproduce copyrighted works, then upload it to shapeking and provide it for retrieval. It is not allowed to publish content to the following properties: content can be used as a weapon, its contents are derogatory or insulting to other people or groups of people, content that is erotic or sexually, content refers against the law, contents that are racist. All uploaded content has to be free of viruses, trojan horses or other in any manner injurious content for computers, data or networks. All your content is free from advertising of any kind. As a registered user you agree that you are solely responsible for the content provided by you.

3.4 License for published content

You agree that you grant shapeking the right to publish your created content. You allow shapeking the irrevocable, non-exclusive, and free provision of your uploaded content, archiving and integration into the shapeking-powered and operated by shapeking partner media. For each of your uploaded content, you also give a further license for the users of shapeking. At this license you can determine how third parties may proceed with the content you have uploaded. shapeking is not responsible for compliance with the chosen license. You agree that you are responsible for compliance with and enforcement of your claims by your chosen license.

3.5 Liability

You agree to take the sole liability of the content you provide. shapeking is exempted from costs incurred through non-compliance with these terms and conditions and these costs will be incurred by you.

3.6. Content Control

Shapeking reserves the right, but undertakes no obligation to monitor content on the Terms of Use, and if necessary, modify or delete. A breach of the Terms of Use may result in immediate suspension of your account.


4. Third Party Content

This website may contain links to other websites or content, eg. third party advertising. This content is not under the control of Shapeking. Shapeking is not responsible for the content or resulting damage from the use of this content.


5. Responsibility of Shapeking

Shapeking is not liable for damages, lost profits or other direct, indirect and consequential damages resulting from the use of this website for you, unless it was due to the negligence of Shapeking. Shapeking is not responsible for the content provided by users and furthermore not responsible for the accuracy of the content or function. Shapeking is under no obligation to secure the contents or to make it accessible at any time. Moreover Shapeking has the right to delete contents without stating a reason. Shapeking reserves the right to remove any content that violate rights of third parties or statutory provisions and the dissemination is prohibited. Shapeking shall not be liable for any damages or losses that may result from a disruption of service.


6. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

As long as you are registred, changes to these Terms will be sented to you by email.


7. Contact Shapeking

Via the contact form you can always contact us. Each 3D model includes a link "Report a Problem"


8. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is Leipzig / Germany

As of 02/2013

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